Friday, August 30, 2013

Frankly Frankl - New Book - Frankly Frankl-life, luck, love and automobiles - Raikkonen admitted Ferrari move at Finnish party

 Raikkonen admitted Ferrari move at Finnish party - report

Kimi Raikkonen partying with Sten Pentus 22.08.2013

Kimi Raikkonen, no fan of the spotlight, is the man of the moment as F1's summer slumber ends this weekend in Belgium.
The Finn's manager has ruled out a move to Red Bull, but some sources at Spa-Francorchamps think the fact the team has put off announcing Daniel Ricciardo's 2014 deal is a sign Raikkonen might still be in the running.
At the same time, Lotus has made clear it wants to keep the 33-year-old on board, while reports continue to insist there is a real chance Raikkonen will return to Ferrari.
Germany's Sport Bild even reports that Raikkonen recently admitted to friends during an alcohol-fuelled night out in Helsinki that he will be wearing red again in 2014.
Reporting about the Helsinki party, the German broadcaster RTL suggested Ferrari has put a EUR 11 million contract on the table, including bonuses and sponsorship of his motocross team.
As ever in the 'silly season', though, there are conflicting reports.
Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat is now quoting Raikkonen's manager Steve Robertson as saying the driver actually wants to stay at Lotus in 2014.
"Kimi likes it at Lotus," said Robertson. "But we are waiting for information on certain issues that are still outstanding.
"About Kimi's future, the ball is in Lotus' court."
And the German newspaper Welt reports that talks between Ferrari and Nico Hulkenberg, about replacing the Brazilian Felipe Massa, have now kicked off.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Frankly Frankl - New Book - Frankly Frankl-life, luck, love and automobiles - Belgium Grand Prix

" There have been all sorts of reactions to the publicity stunt by Greenpeace at the Belgian Grand Prix.First of all top marks to who ever came up with the idea. If you protest-peacefully - you should do it where you get the maximum publicity. It is a tribute to the popularity of Grand Prix racing that Greenpeace should have chosen one of the most prestigious of all races-the one  at Spa. They made their point without  hurting  anyone. Whether Shell should or shouldn't drill in the Arctic is not for me to decide, this protest simply highlighted the need  once more to have  serious discussions on a subject relevant to all of us.

As for the race, well, there wasn't any. It isn't Vettel's fault that on circuits with long sweeping corners the Red Bull has no rivals, as Fernando Alonso said the other day he is not just  fighting Vettel but Adrien Newey as well. Interestingly enough Jenson Button reckons that Ferrari will take the fight to Red Bull as some circuits such as Monza will suit the home team. I hope so as right now it looks like a one horse race.

A number of people have asked me about my forthcoming book, all I can say is that we've had to increase the number of pages from 160 to 176 as there were simply too many stories that would have been left out.Halle Berry? A Rolls Royce to replace a sheepdog? A bob sledding Prince? A McLaren at the Top Gear Test track? And of course lots and lots of Ferraris. It may sound like a sales pitch but 499 copies all told won't go very far bearing in mind that FORZA alone has several thousand subscribers.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Frankly Frankl - New Book - Frankly Frankl-life, luck, love and automobiles

 " Anybody who ever told you that writing a book is a piece of cake is not to be taken  seriously. It is fun, it is hard work and at the end of the day only those who buy it will be able to decide whether it was worth  49.95 dollars  of their hard earned money or not. I hope they'll like it. Just to confirm the basic facts-it will be available in mid-October. The title is Frankly Frankl-life, luck, love and automobiles. It covers the best part of 75 years, for car aficionados there will be stories on Ferrari, McLaren, great drivers such as Jackie Stewart who wrote the foreword, American auto legend Bob Lutz who was kind enough to say a few words for the back cover, Bob Sledding , visiting  Prince Albert in the Royal Palace of Monaco plus lots of original photos never  published before. We are printing 499 coffee table books and at present can accept orders for more than one copy. This is not some sales hype because someone at Concorso Italiano ordered 4 copies even though we are  not even printing and someone else was asking for a bunch of copies he wants to ship to Dubai which apparently is full of Ferraris, 499 copies won't go very far.

So if you would like to reserve a copy -without any obligation- please e mail
You can also go to the website

Friday, August 2, 2013

Frankly Frankl - The new book is getting closer - Concorso Italiano is coming up here in August

I don't know many of you have written a book, it sure is not a cakewalk. Editor  Aaron Jenkins of Forza is editing the book, Forza art director John Kirikos is art directing it so you might say that we are keeping in the family. That the foreword is by Jackie Stewart is something I've mentioned before, I am very excited, proud and honored. The back cover will also have some kind words by people whose name I am not revealing just yet. In the meantime of course we've also had deadlines for FORZA, as the saying goes-the show, the regular show must go on.

 Talking of shows

I am really excited about Pebble in a couple of weeks, Concorso Italiano will be amazing as usual. Old friend Scott Brown of FIAT is having an early morning party which I am hoping to attend. He really is one of life's great guys. As for all the dramas in F1, I don't know what you make of the Hamilton soap opera, thank God it is not effecting his driving. I would love him or Kimi or Fernando to catch Vettel, I am afraid I am not a huge fan . Whether Alonso could live alongside him it a different matter. If you ask me he simply wanted to warn the team that patience has its limits. Give him a car that he can put on the front row of the grid and leave the rest to him. This playing catch up business is getting on not  only his nerves but on all his fans as well.