Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Frankly Frankl - Quite a Week - San Francisco - New York and London - Frankly Frankl-life, luck, love and automobiles

 Well. This has been quite a week. Started off with a dash to Half Moon Bay's Ritz Carlton for a speech And a book signing at the Pacific Region Ferrari Owners Club. It was freezing outside, lots of brave open top members arrived half frozen but once inside it was a great occasion. Knowledgeable, welcoming folks, dedicated owners with a twist of California thrown in. Namely-no phony airs and graces. 

Of course having people like the outgoing President Randy Steyer and incoming President Jody Stewart helps, move charming, more dedicated members you would be hard pushed to find.

I must salute the Ritz for the stunning brunch, this was a far cry from mass catering!

As soon as I've signed a few books it was time for rushing off to the airport to catch a flight to New York and a whole new experience. First of all thank you Mr BMW for an excellent X5, it was a tough week of driving around, the Bimmer never missed a beat.

I have  to be honest, the Chowder Club and I are fairly new acquaintances. They've never heard of me and I've never heard of them. This was soon rectified with the help of some mutual friends such Ken Gross and Larry Crane. Thank you gentlemen!

The club is run by Bruce Wennerstrom, a highly knowledgable auto expert and enthusiast. The Chowder Club holds a lunch 10 times a year, always at Sardi's in the heart of the theatre district.

They very kindly invited me to be the guest speaker at their Christmas lunch, a huge honor. I must have done something right-they've invited me to become an honorary member. Great crowd, several FORZA readers, one of them has a complete collection since Issue One!

In the meantime the book has received two very favorable reviews, one from Peter Habicht in California and one from David Tremayne in England, David writes for GrandPrixplus- the number one blog for all F1 enthusiasts.
Now it is time to jump on Virgin Atlantic to London for a further talk and book signing.

Happy holidays said someone in New York..happy yes, holidays? One day.