Saturday, June 15, 2013

Frankly Frankl - This was not in the script..

The trip from Monaco to Maranello in Maserati's finest is always a treat and also a prelude to what we should expect in Italy's motoring Mecca. The F12 was waiting inside the gates as promised and we were looking forward to a quick blast to the Med. Forte dei Marmi. Instead we got as far as Abetone in a snowstorm. The locals were a bit puzzled as they were clearly not expecting a Ferrari and a Lamborghini, worth between them a good 600 thousand dollars. Not mentioning over 1400 horses from the two. The full story will have to wait for FORZA but let me assure you that good, dare I say great cars will get you to your destination come rain come shine.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the latest Quattroporte which is a serious piece of machinery. Elegant to the nth degree it has a presence that makes BMWs and Mercedes look positively pedestrian and dull. You only have to come up behind other cars, the drivers take one look and the strada opens up a bit like the Red Sea. Is it perfect? No. The gearbox is not intuitive but once you are on the road it is just fine. Cruising at 100 miles per hour the noise level is minimal and the fun factor is 100 per cent.

I hate to finish on sad note but I have to pay tribute to the Marshall who lost his life in Canada during the Grand Prix. These volunteers work 12 hour days, take their own sandwiches and do a superb job for the love of the sport. I do hope that the extremely well paid drivers will reach into their pockets and made major donation to the family.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Frankly Frankl - From Budapest

Phew! Tried to figure out why my neck and shoulder muscles were aching. Then I realized. If you hurtle around for hours in 700 plus horsepower beasts your body takes a bit of a beating. I am not expecting too much sympathy, we could have driven the hills of Tuscany far more slowly. Sure. In an F12 and an Aventador. The full report will of course appear in FORZA, let me just say that neither car is perfect. Without wishing to offend anyone and given serious money to spend I would pick the 458spider for sheer thrills and an adrenalin rush while the rest of the time I would be very happy indeed cruising round in a Ferrari engined Maserati Quattroporte. The latter has a presence which makes Mercs and Bimmers look positively boring.